The following are a selection of projects we have been involved in.

Data Processing and Transformation

We took over 2 million rows of data and merged with geographical data to create a map of national rail stations which have smart tickets enabled for acceptance

Data Processing of Rail Specific Data

With our extensive experience of Lennon, Fares, Timetable and Retail Control Service data, we have processed several million+ records on a number of occasions to generate reports and other outputs derived from the raw data.

Procurement Support

Working with procurement specialist to develop PQQs (now SQs) and ITT documentation for rail retail and ticketing system and services worth up to £5m.

Specification Development

Development of specifications for use in procurements and changes to existing systems and services for use in rail ticketing solutions.

Bid Evaluation and Negotiation

Bid evaluation for large scale national smart ticketing programme (£50m-£100m) involving rail operators across Great Britain, to ensure consistency and quality against original requirement.

Provided bid negotiation support to a national transport authority for franchise negotiations for a large rail operator in the South East of England, this was for smart ticketing related elements.

Franchise Specifications

With our depth knowledge of a number of existing franchise specifications related to smart ticketing and rail retailing obligations, we supported a national transport authority in ensuring smart ticketing requirements were sufficient to align with overall Smart Ticketing agenda at the time.

Multi-Modal Ticketing

Bus and tram, including integration with Rail, both for local schemes as well as regional schemes across Great Britain.

Smart Ticketing

Local ticketing solutions all the way to national solutions for all of England and Wales, including interoperability with Scotland. From first hand design activities to implementation and BAU support.

Strategy Development

Midlands based transport authority - development of strategy for smart and integrated ticketing and the exchange of data for general transport purposes including road users as well as public transport users.

Scottish transport authority - input into their strategy for stored value on smartcards.

North of England transport authority - review of customer proposition for future ticketing plans.

Regional Rail Operator - input into development of smart ticketing retail and infrastructure to accept smart tickets plans.

Large scale smart ticketing on National Rail programme - initial gap analysis of current smart ticketing capabilities across Great Britain and the development of the strategy and solution to meet the programme objectives.