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Services We Offer

Mobility Technology

Consultancy Service

Enable clients to build an understanding of new mobility technology, services and trends, including potential benefits and challenges.

Support Procurement of New Solutions and Services

Help clients define and procure transit solutions (components or complete end-to-end solutions) that can meet the needs of their customers, staff and partners.

Operational Design and Impact Assessment

Engage with transit agency or operator staff to identify the operational impacts resulting from the introduction of new solutions and services, and define processes to accommodate them.

Strategy  Development

Support clients to define their strategic direction to improve mobility services, including fares policies and customer experience, and propose roadmaps that will enable them.

Customer Proposition

Support clients to define a customer proposition that meets the needs of a diverse travelling public, including concessionary customers and those with accessibility needs.

Quality Assurance.png

Quality Assurance

Provide technical, commercial and business assurance for public sector clients, suppliers and operators who want the confidence of a comprehensive review.  

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