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Introducing Innovatious, and how do we make ABT available to everyone?

We had a great time catching up with friends old and new at the Smartex Transit Card Forum (TCF) in September.

Whilst many attendees knew Mostafa, Alison and Steve in our former lives as independent consultants, this was an opportunity to introduce ourselves as Innovatious, and talk about a subject close to our hearts; making smart ticketing inclusive.

In our talk, "Why isn't Account Based Ticketing for everyone?", we describe some of the customer groups who are often left out of most current ABT/EMV ticketing offers, and why.

In discussing some of the issues that exclude certain customer groups, we describe some of the emerging technical solutions being investigated or that have been delivered, many in projects we have been directly involved with. This leads us, perhaps unsurprisingly, to recognise that delivering ABT goodness for everyone is seldom an insurmountable technical challenge...but often instead requires a policy, financial or political change to enable.

Contact us to learn more about some of the innovative technical solutions and fares policy adjustments that are enabling the benefits of ABT (and by extension cEMV) to be enjoyed by everyone.

Smartex - Sept 23 - Why isn't Account Based Ticketing for Everyone
Download PDF • 1000KB

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